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ICONNHRM Subscription Fee Policy

Subscription Fees

1. Free Trial

  • Kerner Norland Pte Ltd (“Company”, “our”, “us”) offers the purchaser (“you”/ “your”) a free trial period of thirty (30) days to fully evaluate iCONN HRM services (“Licensed Application”) before you make the decision to purchase the full version. Once the free trial period is completed, if you are interested in continuing with the Licensed Application you can purchase the same. If not, the system will block your credentials automatically and the profiles in the free trial shall get deactivated through the system and notify you via an email.
  • For the journey in the free trial period, you do not need to provide any credit card information. Once the trial period is completed, if you are interested in continuing with the Licensed Application you can subscribe the same by inserting the credit card details. If you have any questions prior to making the purchase, you can contact our support team at support@iconnhrm.com.
  • You get a free trial period by entering your organization-related details such as organization name, email address, company domain, region, and organization phone number that is displayed in the Licensed Application.
  • The Licensed Application allows a maximum of ten (10) user profiles in the free trial period.

2. Subscription and payment terms

  • You will be charged 4.50 USD per user profile. The total subscription fees (“Subscription Fees”) shall be calculated based on the number of user profiles. All Subscription Fees are exclusive of all taxes, levies, or duties applicable under any applicable law, unless stated otherwise stated herein.
  • The Subscription Fee shall be charged at the beginning of the billing period. Your billing cycle starts on the date of your subscription and runs for next thirty (30) days.
  • During the usage period of the Licensed Application, you agree to pay in respect of the Licensed Application, the applicable recurring Subscription Fees as specified in the subscription based on the active user profiles at the next recurring subscription payment date.
  • The Company may seek pre-authorization of your payment card account prior to you subscribing for the Licensed Application in order to verify that the card is valid and has the necessary funds or credit available to cover your purchase.
  • For the initial subscription, there should be a minimum of five (5) user profiles.
  • If you have increased the number of user profiles in the middle of the billing period, final invoicing will consider the number of user profiles at the end of the billing period (end of 30 days). The invoicing will happen only for the user profiles on the recurring subscription date.
  • You have the right to activate or deactivate the number of profiles. In such an event, your credit card on file with the Company will automatically be charged with a Subscription Fee for the next payment interval with the rate stipulated in the number of active profiles.
  • For single transactions, the Company shall charge the Subscription Fees to your credit card once, while recurring Subscription Fees will be charged in advance to your credit card according to your billing cycle.
  • Payment of Subscription Fee must be made by way of direct debit from a credit card and will be deducted as per your payment authority. By using a credit card for the payment of the Subscription Fees, you represent and warrant to the Company that you are the authorized card holder and absolve the Company of any liability for any charges arising from the use of the Licensed Application.
  • Unless otherwise specified, Subscription Fee and other charges paid using your credit or debit card are subject to merchant fees.
  • You are liable to pay all taxes, stamp duty and other government charges which may apply to this policy or to the subscription of the Licensed Application under it.
  • You agree to provide the Company with updated information regarding your payment card account upon Company’s request and any time the information earlier provided is no longer valid. If Company has not sought pre-authorization of your payment card, then before the end of each payment interval, you will be issued an electronic invoice for payment of the Subscription Fee of the next payment interval.
  • You must pay the dues indicated on the invoice. Upon delay with any payments, you need to pay the relevant monthly charges that is indicated in your bill for the total number of user profiles at the invoice generated date in that month. If you do not complete due payments within the given time, system will automatically deactivate with a prior notice.
  • The Company reserves the right to amend its schedule of Subscription Fee and/or change its billing methods. Should you find any change or amendment unacceptable, you may opt to cancel your subscription and such cancellation shall be according to the provisions below.
  • No refund policy– If access to your user profile has been terminated by the Company because you are in breach of any and all agreements between you and the Company, you do not have any right to demand refund for Subscription Fees that have already accrued prior to such termination. There are no refunds or credits for periods where you did not use an activated user profile, used it only partially, or deactivated the user profile or terminated this policy during an ongoing payment interval.
  • Cancelation of Subscription– You can cancel your subscription through the billing page. You may be able to cancel your subscription at any time with no refund. Upon cancellation the Company shall discontinue the Licensed Application from your use at the end of the billing period.